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Selfcare and Scent

As a brand that started off creating scented candles we wanted to take some time to look at the importance of scent in selfcare. Fragrances and scents can evoke different emotions in people and also transport people to different locations and times in their lives. Scent truly is evocative and connected to so many aspects of life such as eating and drinking. Everyone has those scents that transport you to another place. For example the smell you get when you are on holiday in another country and it truly transports you back to a different time in your life.

At Hedonist we understand the impact that scent can have on every day life and believe that it can be harnessed and used to have a positive impact on feelings and emotions. That is why we create various different scents and products. We want to create products that issue nostalgia and positive feelings. We wanted to use this post as an opportunity to talk about some of our scented candles and discuss the meaning and inspiration behind them.

Utopia - this was one of our first scented candles that we released back in March when we launched Hedonist. Utopia is made of a blend of Tobacco and Oak. This fragrance has a lot of depth to it and many different layers. The name Utopia refers to an imagined high society and that's just what this scent depicts to me. It takes me to a 1920's speak easy in the heart of Berlin with its notes of warm cognac and sweet Tobacco.

Serotonin - this is our newest scented candle. I wanted to call the candle Serotonin to reference the endorphin. Serotonin is known as the key to hormone to that can stabilise our mood and lead to feelings of happiness and positive wellbeing. To me this scent does exactly that. Every time I smell this scent I feel instantly invigorated, the notes of freshly cut grass alongside the wild mint create a euphoric sense of elation that is reminiscent of having a picnic on a warm summers day.

Vineyard - probably one of the most personal scents for me so far. Vineyard has a truly gorgeous blend of fig and vetiver, it has a slight sweetness but is then met with fresh vetiver and earthy notes of amber. Part of my family come from a place in Italy called Trieste and I would go there and visit in the summer holidays when I was younger. One of my family members owned a piece of land where she grew fresh produce such as olives and tomatoes. This scent instantly transported me there and every time I smell Vineyard I feel super relaxed and comforted.

I find it truly fascinated that scent can have such an impact on our mood and wellbeing, that is why I wanted to create Hedonist and create products that could have a positive impact on an individuals wellbeing. We are always looking for new scents that will help us to do this but we would love to hear from out customers and find out what scents they would love us to explore next and we always love to hear about stories and memories surrounding people's favourite scents.

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