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Welcome To Hedonist Human

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Dialogue | Inspiration | Representation

When starting Hedonist I wanted to create a brand that was person centric and focused on self care and wellbeing. After working in the beauty industry for many years I felt discontent and uneasy with the negativity and the way the industry preached unrealistic and sometimes damaging expectations. Hedonist is a self care brand born out of the pursuit of pleasure and we are committed to making products that help people relax and unwind.

We have always wanted to have community at the heart of our brand, we believe that by creating a community within our brand it opens us up to dialogue, inspiration and representation. For us this results in us learning and growing with each other and also being able to create products out of this dialogue, allowing us to have a person centric brand.

Hedonist Human is the name of this community that we are creating. Hedonist Human is a safe space for us all to learn and grown. The three core values that Hedonist Human is built upon are Dialogue, Inspiration and Representation. We want Hedonist Human to open up conversations about what self care means to different people, how to practice wellbeing, recipes, literature, events, the list is endless. As a queer owned brand we also want to use Hedonist Human as a platform to discuss and open up dialogues about the LGBTQ+ community, meet people from the community and also to show how we intend to support the community.

We are super excited to launch Hedonist Human and create a safe space for us all to learn and grow. We can't wait for you to all come on this journey with us

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